International Students

Academic Support Coaching

The coaches are here to help and answer all types of academic questions. This includes time management, notetaking, reading, listening to long lectures, group work, presentations, preparing for your exam, etc. Dan Hutt is the coach in our office who specializes in international student support; however, any coach can meet with any student. An appointment is free and easy.

You can meet once or many times throughout the semester.

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The Study Stop

Free tutors. The tutors are trained and have earned at least an ‘A’ in the class they are tutoring. Some of the tutors can tutor up to a certain level. This means they can tutor all of the classes that have a course number including and below the courses listed. Some tutors have specific classes listed.

No appointment necessary! You do not need to sign-up!

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Informational Workshops

Come to a free workshop. Learn some new skills to help you become a better student in the U.S. Many workshops cover information about the U.S. educational system that will enhance your learning and make your life as a student here easier. As an international student, you are also welcome to attend any of the regular workshops as well!

  • Intro to U.S. Academic Success
  • Listening in Lectures
  • Group Work
  • Connecting Reading and Lectures
  • Giving Presentations in the U.S.

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Academic Recovery Process

If you find yourself on academic probation, we are here to help. You must first check your MyRed account for holds and to-do’s that will prompt you to the next steps in this process. Please refer to ISSO about what can happen if you lose your student status.

As you work to improve your academic records, we are here to support you! We can offer you the benefits of 1:1 coaching. You can chat with our international academic success coach or any of our other coaches. They will help you discuss and improve your study habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my GPA?

You can check your GPA by looking up your transcript. You can access your transcript on MyRed. You will not have a GPA until after your first term.

How do I read my transcript?

On your transcript you will see these codes:

Your GPA is a calculation of QPTS divided by QHRS

AHRS = Attempted credit hours - The hours for the classes you signed up for and did not drop before the first week of class.

EHRS = Earned credit hours – Class hours you earned a grade included letter grades and P

QHRS = Quality (credit) hours – Class hours you earned a letter grade A, B, C, D or F

QPTS = Quality points – The amount of points you earned based on your grade and credit hours.

After a full four years, a C student has 240 less points than an A student!

Does every grade affect my GPA?

Every time you earn a letter grade it is calculated into your overall GPA. Pass (P)/No Pass (N), Withdrew (W), and Incomplete (I) grades do not affect your GPA.

BE CAREFUL! Your major may not accept Pass/No Pass classes. Check with your advisor before you make any changes.

My grades are good, but I want to do better. Can I make an appointment with a coach?

Yes! The coaches are always available for every student. Make an appointment anytime to help improve your grades! Make an appointment with a coach.

What is academic probation?

Academic probation happens when your GPA falls below a 2.0 for a semester. For an international student, this is very important. Two semesters on probation could affect your ability to maintain student status and stay in the U.S.

If you are on Academic Probation, it is important to work closely with support staff such as advisors and coaches to improve your grades.

What is an advisor?

An advisor helps you decide which classes to take and in which order you should take them. It is very important to talk to an advisor before you register for classes. They will know things like:

  • If a class is applicable to your major.
  • If the class has pre-requisites (classes you should take before the class you want).
  • If the class helps you fulfill an ACE requirement.
  • If you are on Academic Probation, advisors can also serve as a recovery coach.
What is an academic success coach?

An academic success coach’s job is to talk with you about how to navigate and succeed in college. They specialize in talking with students about things like time management, note-taking, reading, and test-taking. The international student academic success coach can also talk to you about things such as adjusting to the U.S. academic culture, improving your English reading, working with classmates and professors, and generally understanding how being a successful student in the U.S. might require a different approach to being a student.

How can I find an American tutor?

There are many options for tutors at UNL, depending on the course. First, check our Study Stop schedule for tutors/learning consultants.

If none of these options work out, you can make an appointment with an academic success coach. They can help you assess your approach to the course and give you advice on how to work with your professor, TA’s and classmates to get the help you need.