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First Husker

College is Hard.

While many students have parents or family members to guide them through the transition to college life, first-generation students face a unique and sometimes overwhelming set of challenges.

A first-generation student is a student whose parents or guardians have not earned a 4-year degree. As a first-generation student, you may have additional questions about the college experience. Nebraska's First Husker POWER Program is designed to offer you the support and guidance you need to succeed your first semester and beyond.


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First Husker Program

The First Husker Program gives first-generation students an opportunity to move to campus early on Sunday, August 18, participate in a fun 4-day foundational event from August 18-22, and connect with faculty, staff, and resources that are vital to college-level success.

And it Doesn't Stop There.

Beyond this 4-day event, you will participate in a seminar course led by Academic Success Coaches from the Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST). This course is designed to guide you through your first semester and equip you with the skills you need, not just to survive the first semester, but to thrive as a member of the UNL community and in the big world beyond graduation.

How much is all of this worth? It's hard to put a dollar amount on success.

How Much Will It Cost? Not a Dime.

UNL has committed to making the First Husker Program possible for up to 200 first-generation students. The early arrival on campus, the coaching, the guidance, the seminar course, the connections, the memories–all of this is free. What you do with what you learn and where you go when the program is over is completely up to you.

N First Gen

First Generation Nebraska

Also, you'll have the opportunity to attend First Generation Nebraska events throughout the year with other first-gen students, faculty, and staff, including a fall tailgate, spring waffle dinner, National First Gen Day celebration, and 'Share a Meals' around campus.

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First Scholars Elevate Potential


First Scholars

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has been recognized as a First Scholars Institution for its commitment to improving experiences and outcomes of first-generation college students.

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Insight Inspiring Affinity Group Award 2020

Inspiring Affinity Group Award

The First Generation Nebraska initiative was recently named a recipient of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine’s 2020 Inspiring Affinity Group Award, which recognizes programs that provide higher education professionals mentoring, collaboration, and social networking opportunities.