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Appointments Begin Monday, August 29, 2022 in Love Library South 110 Drop-in Hours Begin Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Louise Pound Hall 101
Student studying in the learning commons

Make Study Stop your go-to study spot on campus. Whether you're looking for help in a class or need a space to work, Study Stop offers free academic support to all Nebraska students. Students can meet one-on-one with a learning consultant for extra help or attend a drop-in session for general coursework support and to learn academic success strategies.

Hours of Operation

Appointments: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Love Library South 110

Drop-in Hours: Monday through Thursday, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM in Louise Pound Hall 101. No appointment necessary.

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Course List

The course list is subject to change based on Learning Consultants' availability and demand for tutoring. 

Don't see your course listed? Contact and we'll help you get connected with on-campus resources.

Course Learning Consultant
AECN 141 Alayna
ACC 200 Kate
BIOC 101 Zoey, Kathryn
BIOC 205 Zoey, Kathryn
BIOS 120 Kathryn
BIOS 121 Kathryn
BIOS 121L Kathryn
BIOS 205 Kate
BIOS 206 Kathryn, Kate
BIOS 213 Kate
BSEN 100 Dannielle
CHEM 109 Zoey, Dannielle, Kathryn, Kate, Jordyn, Lauren
CHEM 109L Zoey, Dannielle, Kathryn, Lauren
CHEM 110 Zoey, Kathryn, Kate, Lauren, Linkai
CHEM 110L Zoey, Kathryn, Lauren, Linkai
CHEM 113 Kathryn, Lauren
CHEM 113L Kathryn, Lauren
CHEM 114 Lauren, Kathryn
CHEM 131 Rachel
CHEM 221 Kathryn
CHEM 251 Zoey, Kathryn, Dannielle, Kate
CHEM 252 Zoey, Dannielle, Kathryn, Kate
CHEM 253             Zoey, Kathryn, Kate
CHEM 254 Zoey, Kathryn
CHEM 261 Kathryn
CHEM 262 Kathryn
CHEM 263L Kathryn
CHEM 264 Kathryn
COMM 311 Zoey
CLAS 116 Zoey
ECON 212 Kate
EDPS 251 Alayna
ENGL 150 Zoey, Meghan, Alayna
ENGL 151 Kate, Alayna
ENGL 254 Zoey
ENVR 249 Alayna
HIST 130 Noah
HIST 370 Noah
JOMC 101 Noah
JOMC 130 Noah
JOMC 131 Noah
JOMC 132 Noah
JOMC 222 Noah
LIFE 120 Zoey, Dannielle, Kathryn, Kate, Lauren, Linkai
LIFE 120L Zoey, Dannielle, Kathryn, Lauren, Linkai
LIFE 121 Dannielle, Kathryn, Kate, Linkai
LIFE 121L Dannielle, Kathryn
MATH 101 Rachel
MATH 102 Rachel
MATH 103 Rachel
MATH 104 Meghan, Kate
MATH 106 Kate, Jordyn, Lauren
MATH 107 Jordyn, Lauren
MATH 203 Noah
METR 180 Alayna
NUTR 100 Zoey
NUTR 250 Zoey
PHIL 101 Kathryn
PHIL 320 Kathryn
PHYS 141 Linkai
PHYS 142 Linkai
PLAS 131 Alayna
PLAS 134 Alayna
PSYC 100 Noah
PSYC 181 Kate, Noah, Jordyn, Alayna, Meghan
PSYC 263 Noah, Jordyn
PSYC 273 Jordyn
PSYC 288 Noah
PSYC 289 Noah
PSYC 368 Noah
PSYC 471 Noah
SOIL 153 Alayna
SPED 201 Rachel
SPED 212 Rachel
SPED 310 Rachel

Schedule an Appointment

How to Schedule an Appointment

  1. Log onto Canvas
  2. Click “Account”
  3. Click “Settings“
  4. Click “MyPLAN”
  5. Click “My Success Network”
  6. Find “CAST Study Stop - Free Tutoring”
  7. Click “Schedule Appointment” next to the name of the learning consultant you want to meet with.

Drop-in Tutoring Schedule

Drop-in Hours are available Monday-Thursday, 5:00-8:00 pm in Louise Pound Hall 101. No appointment is necessary. 

Learning Consultant availability is subject to change. 


















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