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Lori Romano

Director, Center for Academic Success and Transition


Lori Romano is a Nebraska native with a rich background in education.

Lori is a first-generation student who earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing from Concordia College–New York and a Master’s Degree in Secondary English Education from CUNY–Lehman College. She is returning to grad school in Fall 2023 to pursue a Master's in Social Work. Lori has experience teaching middle school, high school, and college English and composition, working in the non-profit sector and as a freelance writer and photographer. Lori is excited to work in a role where she can be who she needed when she was younger. She hopes she is able to provide students at Nebraska with the same sort of guidance and support she received when she was starting her own college journey.

When she’s not at work Lori enjoys reading, writing, hosting found family dinner parties, and spending time with her kids and dogs.