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Emerging Leaders Program

Welcome to the Emerging Leaders Program. As you transition into your role as a college scholar, we're here to help you explore different aspects of leadership as you create your foundation at Nebraska.

The Emerging Leaders Program supports recipients of the Nebraska Emerging Leaders Scholarship. Designed to create experiences that allow for personal leadership development and reflection, the program is here to guide your continued success during your first year. Through direct connections with inspiring campus leaders and individualized academic success coaching from our dedicated staff in the Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST), we are thrilled to help you build your own inclusive network.

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Opening Ceremony and 4-day Foundational Event

The Emerging Leaders Program consists of an Opening Ceremony (Sunday, August 13) and a 4-day foundational event (August 14-17) that gives students an opportunity to arrive on campus early, connect with faculty, staff, and resources, and learn some of the skills and strategies that are vital to college-level success.

And it Doesn't Stop There

Beyond this 4-day event, Emerging Leaders will participate in a free seminar course led by Academic Success Coaches from the Center for Academic Success and Transition (CAST). This course is designed to guide students through your first year and equip them with the skills they need, not just to survive the first semester, but to thrive as a member of the UNL community and in the big world beyond graduation.

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