Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program supports recipients of the Nebraska Emerging Leaders Scholarship. Designed to create experiences that allow for personal leadership development and reflection, the program is here to guide your continued success during your first-year.

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Emerging Leaders Program

First Husker

The First Husker Program consists of a 4-day foundational event that gives you an opportunity to move to campus early, connect with faculty, staff, and resources, and learn some of the skills and strategies that are vital to college-level success.

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First Husker Program


As a new transfer student, you have an exciting transition ahead of you. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers many opportunities for new transfer students, but with any transition challenges can come as well.

Along with the information sent to you by your college, the information provided in this website will help you prepare for a successful transition into Nebraska.

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International students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln embark on a wonderful educational and cultural adventure that can also produce its share of challenges. The Center for Academic Success and Transition can help students make the most of their experience abroad and overcome those challenges. Through a combination of international-based workshops, one-on-one coaching, and outreach programs, CAST assists students in acclimating to the U.S. higher education system and becoming the most successful students they can be. Dan Hutt is the coach in our office who specializes in international student support; however, any coach can meet with any student. An appointment is free and easy.

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