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Mandi Laib

Graduate Assistant


Joining us after earning a Bachelor’s degree in History from Doane University, Mandi is a current Graduate Assistant in CAST and enrolled in the Higher Education Administration Program.

She is a first-generation student, from Colorado and is ecstatic to gain experience in empowering students in their journey through college. Mandi understands that college is not always perfect all the time and wants to help guide students in finding strength within themselves and utilizing the resources that surround them. After being involved in and leading various aspects and organizations of Student Life in undergrad, working in higher education became the clear progression of their passions.

When not working or in class, Mandi spends her time discovering new things, whether that’s music, movies, activities, or her new favorite place to grab a bite. Ideally Mandi would like to be outdoors, taking hikes or lake days are a must, and in winter months a few ski trips are likely to occur.