Step 1

Find your current GPA by logging into MyRed

Step 2

Hover over "Academics"

Hovering over Academics in the website navigation bar

Step 3

Select the "Unofficial Transcript" (Must allow pop-ups from MyRED)

The Unofficial Transcrip pop-up on the website

Step 4

Select "University of Nebraska-Lincoln" as the Academic Institution

Step 5

Select "UNL Unofficial Transcript" as the report type

Step 6

Click "View Report"

Sample unofficial transcript

Step 7

Find your term and cumulative GPA information under the most recent graded term/semester

Step 8

Next, calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) by multiplying the credit hours of each course by the value of the expected grade for the course (see UNL grading scale)

Step 9

Add the total number of values

Step 10

Divide the value sum by the total number of enrolled credit hours (Grades of P, N, I, W, NR are not used in computing grade point averages).

how to calculate your gpa

Check out this GPA calculator to plan and project your semester GPA: